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Max ~ 9 Days New

Max at 9 days, originally uploaded by teresa b collins.

I am so behind in blogging recent sessions! I am still at the beach and celebrating the 4th of July holiday in my head, even though we are home and the fireworks are long gone. 🙂

Some senior sessions coming soon–as well as looking forward to upcoming seniors!

Until then, meet Max. Max is nine days old and enjoys long naps and eating every chance he gets!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

twice as nice…

, originally uploaded by teresa b collins.

addison and ella–I think I have it in the right order!–came to see me right before we left for the beach. I am still shaking sand out of my stuff but just HAD to post this picture from their session.

I am loving the little ones these days!

More pics from the beach to come….getting ready for a senior session this afternoon and need to go do my NO RAIN dance out in the yard.



, originally uploaded by teresa b collins.

It was barely 10:30 in the morning when we went roaming in the backyard with Walker and it felt as if we were in an oven! I don’t know how HE managed to keep his sunny (ha!) disposition, but I was soaked by the time we were done.

The muggy summer days of Georgia are here!

–just one of my favorites from the day, will be back with more for his momma later!

Looking forward to senior sessions this week and twin girls on Friday!


Love Two…

, originally uploaded by teresa b collins.

and I am a sucker for HATS. Again, doesn’t matter how old you are!

This is little brother….and his mom would want you to know that’s a STAR on his hat…NOT a flower! 🙂

Love One….

, originally uploaded by teresa b collins.

I am a sucker for a frilly ballerina skirt….it doesn’t matter how old you are! (Note to any adventerous seniors coming up!)

Little brother to follow….


, originally uploaded by teresa b collins.

I am test blogging this from Flickr, so if it looks crazy, that’s why!

I will be updating the website and blog over the next few days, so if something looks strange, that’s probably why. (at least that’s MY reason anyway) 🙂

First set of twins yesterday! Ella and Addison were amazing. More to come!

DressMeChickadee on Etsy…

What is the only way to get two liitle girls with minds of their own to sit still for three seconds?

Ice Cream.


Serenby Session


We met Miss L and Miss E at Serenby on Saturday and had so much fun. I had never paid a visit to this area before, which is crazy since it’s only a few miles from my home! We spent some time exploring the gardens and cottage area, and there was a wedding we could see just to the right side of where this photo was taken!

I can’t wait to go back there again, hopefully this week. I have had a couple of Seniors ask about doing photos there…and after seeing it for myself and I am all for it!

Here is one more from yesterday–I am still going through them all…these girls were so sweet to each other, I was happy to run around the farm with them!

Happy Spring Break!

Snow Day–Hoping for at least one more…

Just a quick one put together after our “snow event” here in the south. Most of the photos were taken by me, with the really good close-up shots taken by Anissa’s super camera. 🙂 It was so cold that day, that I could only take a photo or two before my lens would start to fog up. Plus, I didn’t want it to get wet. Even if it’s only a Canon Powershot! (SD600)

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