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Ashley ~ NGHS Class of 2011 Senior Rep AND Senior Sale!

School is almost out, NOW is the time to call and schedule your session!

We have some extra special sale prices on session fees and some cool new products we’ll be giving to the folks who call and schedule their session BY next Friday! The special summer portrait sale starts this weekend and runs until May 14th! Book your session BY MAY 14th (shoot it anytime) and you get to take advantage of the best pricing we’ll offer this year.

Loved Miss. Ashley’s outfits and her jewelry she brought to her rep session. Fun and colorful which is perfect!

Tori ~ NGHS Class of 2011 Senior Rep

Trying some new things this season, starting with Tori’s rep session. After playing around with a “white out” session in the studio, we headed out to shoot while the sun was setting. We had so much fun dodging electric fencing and the abundant horse “stuff” that was in the field where we shot!

Make sure to ask Tori how you can get a discount on your senior session and some free goodies!

Class of 2010

The highlight video from the amazing class of 2010. I can’t begin to say how much fun I had working with each and every person shown here. It was an awesome experience! I am truly grateful that I got to play a small part in their year and was able to share in their excitement about the things to come. I love my job!

Katie NHS Class of 2010

A bundle of energy and super fun. Katie was up for anything and we had a great time running around behind the studio on what I almost thought was going to be a bad day to shoot outside. The clouds parted and the sun made itself available just enough to make it a great session.

Some of my faves…


Senior Art Book…

A page from Jerica’s book. Busy with lots of design work the past two weeks. Wrapping up the last of Newnan High School seniors and looking forward to gearing up for spring. It’s kinda hard to think about spring with the temps hovering around frigid!


Raquel one more time…

Miss Raquel was a rep for me this year, I have had so much fun getting to know her and her mom. We were able to eke out some remaining fall images before the leaves get rained away…


Heather–NGHS Class of 2010

No rain for us on this day either. This was our second attempt at a “dry” session and we were successful. Well, the ground was a little wet, but that was what the trash bags were for. 🙂

I enjoyed meeting Heather again and hope that her mom will consider assisting me all the time! 🙂

You guys were awesome!


Amber NHS Class of 2010

Finally getting a chance to catch up on my posting….just in time for the holidays! 🙂 I have some Christmas cards posted in the galleries over on the main site and will try to post some here as well. They are super cute!

Here are some from Miss Amber’s session—we had tons of sunshine that day and had lots of fun!


Yearbook Deadline…

Super busy…in the home stretch with just a few days before yearbook deadline for NGHS. A couple of last minute sessions and just a few image choices left to be made! I will be a better blogger once I deliver all of the discs to the school on Monday…I promise!

Posts without pictures are sad… are some of my favorites from a recent session. We roamed the alleyways of downtown and found some really cool places as well as some really funky smells! Totally worth it. 🙂




Andrew-Northgate Highschool Senior, Class of 2010

Andrew wanted pictures with his dog and his truck….so we were off to find a location that would be good. I think we found it. Thanks to my bud Anita for always letting me shoot in her field. 🙂 Andrew was fun to work with and I am glad that his girlfriend Heather came along for his session since HER session with me is this weekend. She has already seen first hand that which is my super coolness and knows what to expect.

(yeah, I’m a nerd)


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