Month: April, 2009

Darby—Senior Rep

I spent Sunday afternoon with Darby and her mom, Bonnie. If every senior comes to their session as well prepared as Darby, I will be good to go! I’m talking wardrobe rack hanging in the back of the car and accessories organized and ready to wear. We dodged bees and rolled around in the grass, even though neither of us had taken our Zyrtec. That is dedication!

Thank you Darby and Bonnie, for making Sunday evening so much fun. I am looking forward to our next session!

Here are some of my favorites…edited to try out a blogging board.


They Will…

These two crazy kids decided to tie the knot recently. This evening we met at my Jim Starr studio to celebrate the occasion!

I am not even going to make any jokes about how once she is married, she will be Mrs. Martha Washington. Nope, I am not going to make ONE single joke about it. 🙂

Even though Mr. Washington would have rather been ANYWHERE but in front of the camera, he was a good sport.

The following image sums up our session. Lots of laughter….a very important ingredient to any successful marriage.



Mr. C

Brother to Miss R. 🙂 I thought that Drew had the most piercing scream known to mankind.

C proved me wrong.

This kid could sing with dolphins.

I had so much fun chasing (yes, literally) C around Jim Starr and his yard. C has the BEST swing ever in his front yard, and I was excited to get to go and photograph him enjoying it.

Here are some of my favorites from yesterday. 🙂

Easter Eggs


We found these during our Easter Egg hunt out at my dad’s house on Sunday. We were very careful and didn’t touch them–they were nestled in one of the hanging ferns on the front porch. Drew would have been more than happy to put them in his Elmo Easter basket!


Cow Wars

jedicowsIt’s a good thing Ryan carries his lightsaber EVERY SINGLE PLACE HE GOES these days. Otherwise these cows may have tried to start some trouble.

The force is always with us. 🙂

Happy Thursday!

Serenby Session


We met Miss L and Miss E at Serenby on Saturday and had so much fun. I had never paid a visit to this area before, which is crazy since it’s only a few miles from my home! We spent some time exploring the gardens and cottage area, and there was a wedding we could see just to the right side of where this photo was taken!

I can’t wait to go back there again, hopefully this week. I have had a couple of Seniors ask about doing photos there…and after seeing it for myself and I am all for it!

Here is one more from yesterday–I am still going through them all…these girls were so sweet to each other, I was happy to run around the farm with them!

Happy Spring Break!

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