Month: May, 2009

Senior Rep–Raquel

This is Miss Raquel…my newest Senior Rep. We met uptown earlier this evening and had fun dodging rain drops and laughing at the guys that kept driving by as we shot near the train tracks. They MUST have been trying to get a better look at my camera lens!

Ha! 🙂

Here is a little sneak peek from this evening. I am still going through them and will have more after the weekend. I am looking forward to our jump session, so be practicing your moves! 🙂


Mary and Pete

I had so much fun getting to know Mary and Pete. From our ten mile hike (all uphill!) at Dunaway Gardens during their engagement session, to their wedding this past Sunday at the same location…we have laughed (and hiked!) a lot!

The ceremony on Sunday was beautiful. From the bridesmaid dresses to the flowers, everything was beautiful in colors of chocolate and green. The weather even held out long enough for everyone to get to the reception tents…and even then it didn’t last that long.

You are such a sweet couple and I am honored that you let me be a small part of your special day.



Darby, Take Two!

I got to meet up with Darby again last night. I am not sure if she is still speaking to me today after I insisted on sticking her in the middle of the tall grass with nothing but skirts and dresses on for most of the evening. (I hope your Zyrtec was working girlfriend, cause my eyes were DONE today!) As expected I had a blast with Darby and her mom…who is fast becoming a great assistant/light stand mover/pose consultant/prop manager. (Yes, you were still organized without the mobile dressing room!)

Thanks to Anita for letting us storm her property and upset the livestock. I think I managed to get the cows in a few images. 🙂

I am still going through them, but here are two that I have so far. I promise to come back and post a couple more tomorrow.

Thanks again!



DressMeChickadee on Etsy…

What is the only way to get two liitle girls with minds of their own to sit still for three seconds?

Ice Cream.


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