Month: September, 2009

Yearbook Deadline…

Super busy…in the home stretch with just a few days before yearbook deadline for NGHS. A couple of last minute sessions and just a few image choices left to be made! I will be a better blogger once I deliver all of the discs to the school on Monday…I promise!

Posts without pictures are sad… are some of my favorites from a recent session. We roamed the alleyways of downtown and found some really cool places as well as some really funky smells! Totally worth it. 🙂




Andrew-Northgate Highschool Senior, Class of 2010

Andrew wanted pictures with his dog and his truck….so we were off to find a location that would be good. I think we found it. Thanks to my bud Anita for always letting me shoot in her field. 🙂 Andrew was fun to work with and I am glad that his girlfriend Heather came along for his session since HER session with me is this weekend. She has already seen first hand that which is my super coolness and knows what to expect.

(yeah, I’m a nerd)


First Days, Birthdays and Deadlines

Drew started pre-school. Ryan turned six. Seniors are filtering in and out of the (new!) studio for yearbook pictures and we are loving every second of it! To say that it has been crazy would be an understatement. I keep telling myself if I can just make it to the Sept 30th deadline for Northgate, I will be ok…I will be ok…I will be ok…I will be ok…


I am woefully behind on sneak peeks over here on the blog, but if you are on Facebook with me, then you are up to speed. I am determined to get everyone posted soon–maybe another slideshow is in order? I just have to make it to the deadline….and then I will be ok. 🙂

Even though it was cloudy and slightly rainy…we had bikes and friends and cupcakes today in honor of Ryan turning SIX. Here are just a few snaps…




Senior Session for Zara–Northgate High School Class of 2010

Reason #782 why I love my job. I spent the evening with Zara and her mom (AND her lovely little sister!) wandering the streets of downtown…in and out of alleyways with strange smells, but awesome texture and color! The light was perfect and Zara’s outfits and accessories were amazing. Shout out to Charming Charlie! Here are just four that I love so far…there are many more, but this is what I have so far.

September is now officially overbooked, and I am now scheduling into the third week in October!


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