Month: November, 2009

Raquel one more time…

Miss Raquel was a rep for me this year, I have had so much fun getting to know her and her mom. We were able to eke out some remaining fall images before the leaves get rained away…


Christmas Cards!

I added some new cards to the galleries section of the website. Love them!


Heather–NGHS Class of 2010

No rain for us on this day either. This was our second attempt at a “dry” session and we were successful. Well, the ground was a little wet, but that was what the trash bags were for. 🙂

I enjoyed meeting Heather again and hope that her mom will consider assisting me all the time! 🙂

You guys were awesome!


Amber NHS Class of 2010

Finally getting a chance to catch up on my posting….just in time for the holidays! 🙂 I have some Christmas cards posted in the galleries over on the main site and will try to post some here as well. They are super cute!

Here are some from Miss Amber’s session—we had tons of sunshine that day and had lots of fun!


Halloween Fun…

What rain? We had a great Halloween! The transfer trailer of kids leaves from our driveway every year which gives me costumed kids to photograph before we leave. I had a blast. These are just a few….the Transformers belong to me. We are certain that in the original Transformer’s script, Optimus Prime had a pacifier…so Drew is perfectly within character to keep his. As you can see, T-Pain and the other rappers whose names escape me at the moment, stopped by and I was thrilled. I still say this would make a great babysitting poster for the girls. 🙂

I want to do Halloween again this weekend!





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