Month: December, 2009

the final card….

The sleigh is loaded and we are headed to the farm for Christmas. I hope that everyone has an awesome week!

Tis the season…Christmas Card photo attempt #1

“A shoemaker’s child has no shoes” –The same saying applies in regards to photos of my boys. It is rare to have a session with Ryan and Drew that does not involve either a fight or a tantrum….or both. At the same time. After their initial brawl they decided to join forces and dance their way through the session.

Our cards might be going out a little late this year….



We went to Comer for Thanksgiving, where my uncle Chris is always ready to pull the kids behind any motorized yard equipment. This year we graduated from the wagon behind the lawn mower to the BIG John Deer. I don’t normally admire tractors, but if I did….I would admire this one. Russ tells me she is about 70 years old, but she has been beautifully restored and painted…and I love the sound the engine (motor?) makes. I will have to post the video because I can’t describe it without typing the word “clop” and that’s just weird.

We have been dealing with the “crud” for the past two weeks, even though it feels like months. I am listening to Drew cough through the monitor right now. It seems like everyone has it, I am just hoping we can be rid of IT by Christmas.

Just a few fun snaps of tractor rides, scream contests and little bit of turkey leg eating on the way home, cause that’s just how we roll. 🙂




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