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I'm Teresa...the one sandwiched between Mischief and Mayhem over there...(No, that's not their legal names, my husband talked me out of it.) I am a photographer in Newnan, GA and I specialize in seniors and kiddos of all ages...with a family mixed in here and there for good measure! I photographed my first senior in 2009 and spent three amazing years as the associate photographer for Tangerine~Sara Anthony Photography.

If you are interested in scheduling a session or would like information, you can reach me at the email address in the contact link above and I will be in touch with you shortly!


photo by the amazing child whisperer, Sara Anthony Photography

Baby Sutton–12 days new

As the mom of two rough-and-tumble BOYS, I have always been envious of the “girls” side of the clothing store. The cute leggings, the tutus, the sweet accessories….try as I might, my boys simply would not wear any of it. 🙂 Sutton had sweet bloomers with her initials and a handmade tutu from a very talented aunt. 🙂 I was tempted to keep her leggings, but I would have only been able to use them as wrist warmers. I can’t wait to see what she brings for her next visit!

Walker at 18 months

I can’t believe it has been over a year since I started photographing this little man. He has been a trooper then entire time. He wasn’t too jazzed about taking pictures inside, but once we got to the marina and he saw the boats, he was happy! Of course, we would go on one of the cold snap days we had last week…and oh the wind. His mom and I were freezing, but Walker and his sister were just fine!

Oliva~3 Days Old

Day three and of course it was time for a photo session. She was so sleepy and hardly got mad at me!

Baby Olivia

Eric and Jennifer welcomed Olivia to our family circus February 2nd! She will get to share her birthday with Russ. He is excited that there will be guaranteed cake for years to come!

Class of 2012 Reps Wanted!

It’s almost that time of year….We are starting the search for outgoing & enthusiastic 2012 Senior Spokesmodels that want to spread the word about Tangerine. If you know some folks who you think would be a good fit, let me know! They will get hooked up with a complimentary senior session and receive many more goodies!

Santa @ Newnan Utilities

Santa pictures are up! Click here to go to the gallery and download images or order prints.

Serenbe Sessions

Some of my favorites from Serenbe from the past couple of weeks. I can not believe that Thanksgiving is already here….Christmas is knocking on the door!


A family who paints together….

I was so excited to do this session. I love it when someone comes in with a plan and a few buckets of paint! Of course when that “someone” happens to be “Sara” then you know it will be fabulous no matter what happens. One thing is for sure, the kids were NOT bored. 🙂

Tangerine : Barnett Family

Spent some time with this super nice family out at Serenbe. The weather was perfect! Please take a moment to notice the cute and tiny shoes that little man is wearing in his pictures. Unfortunately, they fell victim to the time-honored “left on the hood of the car” situation that has happened to ALL of us at least once in our lives. I have even done it with a purse, groceries, AND a cup of coffee. Well, the last one my husband did, but you get the point. Thankfully, we have these last images of the super cute shoes….if anyone happens to be riding through Serenbe and spots them, I am sure that there might be a reward offered… 🙂

Carlee : Tangerine Kid!

So stylish she made me jealous. Carlee was patient with wardrobe changes and can WORK a hair bow like nobody’s business. (again, with the jealous)

So lucky we had a tangerine just “laying around” for her to hold. I think she liked it! (I know I did!)

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