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Sort of! It was so cool outside for a few days and then today was like HOT! Of course it didn’t deter Drew from playing in the leaves. His favorite thing to do is chase the falling leaves and try to catch them. I love it. Ryan is content to tear through the leaves on his little motorcycle…of course.

I have had a couple of fun sessions with some babies this week! I am working on them now and can’t wait to post them. It definitely requires shifting gears a little from what I am used to with seniors, but I have to say that I am really enjoying it so far. Will post a couple of sneak peeks for the mommas tomorrow!


First Days, Birthdays and Deadlines

Drew started pre-school. Ryan turned six. Seniors are filtering in and out of the (new!) studio for yearbook pictures and we are loving every second of it! To say that it has been crazy would be an understatement. I keep telling myself if I can just make it to the Sept 30th deadline for Northgate, I will be ok…I will be ok…I will be ok…I will be ok…


I am woefully behind on sneak peeks over here on the blog, but if you are on Facebook with me, then you are up to speed. I am determined to get everyone posted soon–maybe another slideshow is in order? I just have to make it to the deadline….and then I will be ok. 🙂

Even though it was cloudy and slightly rainy…we had bikes and friends and cupcakes today in honor of Ryan turning SIX. Here are just a few snaps…




Studio Stuff….

The walls are up and painted and the studio is starting to come together! I am so excited and can not wait to find some neat furniture to move in to the space and start shooting. The rain has not been nice to the last few sessions, but I am hoping that things will start to get better soon.

It’s nice to know that when I want to try my new lighting out, I can just look outside and find willing models to sit still for me. At least a little bit. 🙂

Here are Rebecca and Karlee practicing to become future senior reps for me!


Slip and Slide–Heading to the Beach

This was how we spent yesterday afternoon. There is something about a baby pool and a slip and slide other than torn ligaments and muscle strains…at least to a two-year-old daredevil and his older brother.

Addie and Bailey were roped into the festivities as well. I think they had just a little bit of fun. 🙂

I needed all the help I could get just keeping Drew’s swimsuit from falling down.

We are heading to the beach today, so I will be away from the blog and from sneak peeks for a few days. I should be back on track by the end of the week. I will be reachable via email if anyone needs anything or has questions about upcoming sessions.

Have a great week!

Cow Wars

jedicowsIt’s a good thing Ryan carries his lightsaber EVERY SINGLE PLACE HE GOES these days. Otherwise these cows may have tried to start some trouble.

The force is always with us. 🙂

Happy Thursday!

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