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Holiday fun with Sara and Co.

Last year’s fun is located HERE.

Just a couple of my favorites!

Serenbe Sessions

Some of my favorites from Serenbe from the past couple of weeks. I can not believe that Thanksgiving is already here….Christmas is knocking on the door!


A family who paints together….

I was so excited to do this session. I love it when someone comes in with a plan and a few buckets of paint! Of course when that “someone” happens to be “Sara” then you know it will be fabulous no matter what happens. One thing is for sure, the kids were NOT bored. 🙂

Tangerine : Barnett Family

Spent some time with this super nice family out at Serenbe. The weather was perfect! Please take a moment to notice the cute and tiny shoes that little man is wearing in his pictures. Unfortunately, they fell victim to the time-honored “left on the hood of the car” situation that has happened to ALL of us at least once in our lives. I have even done it with a purse, groceries, AND a cup of coffee. Well, the last one my husband did, but you get the point. Thankfully, we have these last images of the super cute shoes….if anyone happens to be riding through Serenbe and spots them, I am sure that there might be a reward offered… 🙂

Fun Family…..

Sara and I teamed up to photograph the Wheat family out at Serenbe. I knew from the minute they got out of the car that we would have fun, and we did! Noelle may have looked at us like we were crazy when she saw the hula-hoops, but she has since professed her love for the hoop images and I would not be surprised if they added hula-hooping to their daily routine. They were awesome! 🙂


I have been trying to photograph this family for awhile now. For some reason, rain clouds would always seem to appear on the day that we had planned to meet. Today was no exception. Thankfully there was only a small amount of rain, just enough to make things really nice and muggy outside. 🙂

Jim and Julie have the nicest backyard! I fully intend to go back and take pictures of the house-sized butterfly bushes so that I can show MY side little guy how big he is SUPPOSED to get!

I entertained the thought of posting a few pictures of Jim from when we went to high school together, but I think he could probably have me arrested or something, so instead I will just post a few of my favorites from this evening!

Talk to you guys soon!


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