Category: Newborn

Baby Luke at 6 Weeks

We made it to the farm this weekend to meet our new nephew. We set up a make-shift studio in my mother-in-law’s bedroom and managed to carry a sleeping Luke in there for quick photos here and there throughout the afternoon! He was perfect and hardly complained at all! Congratulations to Lyn and Shannon, they went through a lot to get this little guy here….he truly is a miracle. The angel cake topper is actually from the cake used to celebrate Lyn’s birth…it is so neat that her mom saved the topper and was able to use it for Luke’s cake too!

I got to use a couple of super cute hats from Courtney over at Daddy Mac Hats, love her stuff!

Baby Sutton–12 days new

As the mom of two rough-and-tumble BOYS, I have always been envious of the “girls” side of the clothing store. The cute leggings, the tutus, the sweet accessories….try as I might, my boys simply would not wear any of it. 🙂 Sutton had sweet bloomers with her initials and a handmade tutu from a very talented aunt. 🙂 I was tempted to keep her leggings, but I would have only been able to use them as wrist warmers. I can’t wait to see what she brings for her next visit!

Oliva~3 Days Old

Day three and of course it was time for a photo session. She was so sleepy and hardly got mad at me!

Baby Olivia

Eric and Jennifer welcomed Olivia to our family circus February 2nd! She will get to share her birthday with Russ. He is excited that there will be guaranteed cake for years to come!

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