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Happy 4th of July!

Had lots of fun over the holiday weekend with friends, family, food, fun and fireworks! We have some awesome friends who have hosted the yearly fireworks extravaganza….lots of people, boats, music and fun. Here are just a few snaps from the weekend….

Checking out new locations…

Is so much fun! Here is Ryan giving me his most enthusiastic pose today as we discovered a pretty grassy area in the neighborhood.

He looks so happy!


Summer Begins…

Ryan was actually out a week BEFORE the rest of Coweta County was done with school for the summer…so that is an extra seven days of “What are we gonna do TODAY, mom?”


But between our neighborhood’s Backyard Bible Club, (Vacation Bible School for us older folks out there!) trips to the pool and serious games of kickball every afternoon, I think we will survive this summer.

Or at least the first three weeks of it.

I am excited to say that I am booked through the end of June and even into part of July, so if you are thinking about scheduling a session and have a specific date in mind it never hurts to plan ahead. About three to four weeks exactly. 🙂

I hope that everyone else is having a great start to their summer too. There will be some changes coming soon to the website, so if things look a little crazy in the next week or two, please excuse the work in progress.

And because posts without photos are sad…I give you my Kickball King….Base Stealer Extraordinaire.


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